Monday, January 02, 2006

Adventures in the Mountains of Alabama and Georgia

This blog spot was created to share my recent adventures in the foothill mountains of Georgia and Alabama. For the time being, I am showing only the pics of my most recent trip to Lookout Mountian, AL and Cohutta Wilderness in North Georgia. Lookout pics are at the bottom... If you can look past the spray paint, it's a great place to visit.
This is a view from the Cohutta Wilderness from the road.
Here is a tree hugging on Josh.

A view from the top of Cowpen mountain.
After returning from the falls, we dried everything out in the sun.
Off trail pics of panther creek
Tree holding Josh up
Looking up
Rocks by the falls
Hmmmm!! Sunshine
GPS find our way out
Which way is he going?
View down panther creek falls Redcloud walking on the clouds
Me on panther creek falls
On the way down to the falls
Josh is surfing
Another scenic view of Cohutta Wilderness
Trout river
Nice falls
These are frequent on Rice Camp your own bridge
Little waterfall we camp by
What a heatmax heating pad will do to your foot even with a sock inbetween your foot and the pad
Jacks river
Another view
Redneck hiking in his long johns
Another view of the redneck
Me looking at the map...where are we again
Me on a ridge
Josh in front of the big rock in Lookout, AL

View aboveLookout, AL

Above are the views over Gadsen, AL

Here is our first campsite, and Josh is compiling the wood for the night. A couple of ATVs woke us up that night, but the scenery is great.

Here is the view from the top of the mountain in Lookout Mountain, AL. The view there is great at night, and the towns little green lites are neat to look at especially with the stars out.

Josh in hiding in the rocks